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  • Secure Document Paper

    There is much more to Secure Document Paper
    than just Hidden Message Technology
    (also known as "VOID Background")

    Like it or not, EVERYTHING can be copied.
    • A document can be copied with a Color Photocopier
    • A document can be copied with a Black & White copier
    • A document can be copied with a Scanner
    • A document can be copied with a Fax Machine
    • A document can be copied with a Digital Copier
    • A document can be copied with a Digital Camera
    So we must start with the premise that there is nothing in the world that will prevent your document from being copied.
    If your goal is to purchase a paper that is impossible to copy ...
    Using the proper security paper product,

    However, no matter what anyone tells you ...
    there are ways to make a copy of every document !

    Determine the Value of your Document
    If this document is copied, will it cause you monetary harm?
    Are you using Security Paper as a deterrent against making copies?
    • Business Plan
    • Price List
    • Instruction Manual
    • Meeting Transcript
    • Software source code
    • Booklets
    • Manuals
    Are you using Security Paper to protect a document that is worth money?
    • Valuable Coupon worth cash
    • Valuable Coupon that can be exchanged for product
    • Valuable Discount Coupon
    • Valuable Gift Certificate
    • Event Ticket
    • Raffle Ticket that must not be duplicated
    • Valuable Concert Ticket
    • Valuable Contract
    Products to consider

    • Choose Copy Obscure - When Text is printed light Gray, when copied the hidden message will obscure the text on the photocopy.
    • Choose New Generation - This sheet incorporates one of the newest patents for hidden message technology. This technology appears to will work more often than not in most photocopiers.
    ---------------- Products to consider

    Custom Document Security Paper

    Now it is easy to purchase your own CUSTOM Document Security Paper.
    We will print a custom security feature with your Logo and Company Name
    on the back of our "stock" Document Security Paper.

    Four easy steps to order Custom Security Paper.


    When manufacturing security paper with HIDDEN MESSAGE TECHNOLOGY
    the message is hidden in the printed background.
    Thus Hidden Message Technology is not available on a white sheet of security paper.

    If you need White Security Paper,
    you may consider Secure Watermark Security Paper

      The special Secure Document Paper Feature is a
      Unique Anti-Copy Watermark in the paper.
      The Unique SecureGuard Watermark is IMPOSSIBLE to accurately duplicate
      and is only available from Micro Format..

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